AWS Serverless Solution

The ASCENDING team helped several customers in web service development and infrastructure automation through AWS serverless lambda service. Serverless architecture is one of extreme representation in AWS to emphasize pay per usage on the cloud. By adopting serverless architecture our customers were able to save between 50%~70% total cost of their cloud expense and operation effort.

Serverless web service

Amazon Lambda plays an essential role to receive requests from API gateway, then process requests by collaborating with other services such as Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) or Amazon DynamoDB, etc. The pay per usage works extremely well for our clients having multi-region of web service representation.

Serverless operation automation

We helped our clients to automate the entire CI/CD process by combining managed services like codepipeline, codebuild with lambda service. It helps customer to spend less effort on operation maintenance effort and server overhead. We always manage our entire stack in CloudFormation so that we can rebuild a new environment for our customer very easily.

Serverless Infrastructure monitoring

ASCENDING team also leverage lambda service to monitor cloudwatch metrics or react to any cloudwatch metrics events for infrastructure monitoring.

Serverless Data processing

Our team member pioneered serverless data process by combining Kinesis, Lambda, AWSGlue, and S3 to build data lake for some of our customers. It effectively reduced infrastructure overhead and cost.

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